I visited King Myeongju’s Tomb this morning with my Minolta X700 and a roll of HP5+. I brought a digital camera along in case the Minolta’s batteries died (Forgot to buy spares. Stunarse.) and to use as a light meter if I ran into some very tricky lighting. The digital camera stayed in the bag while I was using film because the Minolta’s meter is pretty good, there wasn’t too much contrast in the scenes I photographed, and I know a bit about when to use exposure compensation. (So I’ve probably buggered everything up).

I used up a whole roll and didn’t want to start a new roll just for the walk back to the bus stop, so I put Mr. Minolta in my backpack and took out Mr. Fuji. It’s convenient to use the digital camera, but making photos with a manual camera is a real pleasure by comparison.
But I digress. I made a bunch of photos on the way back down the hill and I’m happy enough with three of them to share here.

Someone has done landscaping work here since I last visited a month or so ago. I don’t know if these stones were dug out of the earth to make way for the new path or if they are going to be used to make a wall or something.
Also new since I last visited. They look old, so I don’t know if they have come out of the ground or if they are going to go into the ground.
Waiting for the bus to depart.

The city’s bus system application said that no buses would arrive for another hour, so I decided I would have to call an expensive taxi to get home in time for lunch. But while I was having a swallow of tea a bus did show up. I’m not surprised. The schedule is often wrong. I sometimes think Gangneung’s bus schedule application uses the data from some other city.

It was a great morning up in the hills with old King Myeongju and I’m looking forward to going back there soon. Maybe after I buy a short telephoto for the Minolta. There were a few photos I couldn’t get this morning because I only had the 50mm. The Minolta photos will show up here in a couple of weeks, after I get the film developed and scanned. If I didn’t screw them all up . . . .

6 thoughts on “Back to the Bus Stop

  1. You’d be surprised how much latitude HP5 has – it is forgiving of most things except underexposure, so I always err on the side of caution if I am guessing exposures.
    Looking forward to seeing the pictures.


    1. Strange. I replied to this comment but it never showed up. Grrr. I bracketed a few times on the side of overexposure when I wasn’t quite sure. A stupid thing to do when I had a digital camera in my bag. I’m bringing the digital camera tomorrow so I don’t have to waste any frames when I’m not sure.


  2. According to Mr K Rockwell the X-700 is Minolta’s best ever manual focus camera. At the money they go for you can’t really go wrong, I would say. Let’s hope that lab doesn’t take too long to get the scans back to you – I too am interested to see the results and get a gander at old Myeongju’s tomb.

    You use public transport a lot – can you get like a season ticket to cover all your needs or is it a pay-by-journey thing? Buses here in Ireland are woeful and expensive – almost no-one uses them except those that get it free (schoolkids and pensioners. I’m too old for one and not old enough for the other – though that will change soon enough lol).


    1. I think the Minoltas go for good prices because they haven’t been discovered by the hipsters. Or maybe there are just so many of them that the prices stay low. Anyway, they are a bargain compared to some other manual focus cameras. I do wish it had a spot meter, though.
      I’m going out tomorrow to use up another roll of film at another location and then I will send the two rolls off to the lab. I’m afraid you’re going to just see details of King Myeongju’s tomb rather than a view of the whole thing. No wide angle lens yet . . . . I might order one this week . . . . And if I dig to the bottom of my pants pocket I might be able to get the funds for an 85mm as well . . . .
      Public transportation is pretty good in Korea because it’s such a densely populated country. We only have buses in Gangneung, but in Seoul you can get anywhere and everywhere by the excellent subway system. Gangneung buses are good for Gangneung City proper, but buses to the outskirts are few and far between. School children get a discount, depending on their age. I’m not sure if seniors get a discount or not. I see them all using cards when they board. And the drivers shout at them when they forget to put their cards up to the sensor, so there is probably money involved. 🙂


      1. We can’t all be Ralph Gibson or Bresson. 😦 That said, a standard lens is usually enough for any situation. In fact, I may no choice but to use only a 50mm on the Minolta. I looked last night and I can’t find any lenses for the damn thing. Maybe they weren’t popular here.


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