A couple of weeks ago I watched an MBC documentary about Michael Kenna, who has been to Korea a number of times to photograph the Shinan Islands off the southwest coast of the peninsula. I had heard his name before, but didn’t realise until I saw the programme that he makes very beautiful minimalist landscape photos.

Gangneung is about as far from Shinan as you can get in Korea, so there is little chance of me getting there anytime soon. No minimalist island landscapes for me, but I made do with what was around me and photographed this Billingham bag hanging off the door of my room.

4 thoughts on “Billingham Bag

  1. Minimalism is harder tyo do than it looks, and especially when you’re dealing with a grander landscape like he does.
    Interesting and very pleasant chap though who thank goodness has resisted the multi-billion dollar deals from the didgi-cam manufacturers.


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