Hanshin Apartments. The lightpole is the most important thing in this photo. And it balances the shadow on the right.
Giant of the Landscape. My best version of this scene so far, I think.
Shed Wall and Vine Support
These strollers are often used by old ladies as a walkers/carriers.
Persimmon Trees. I love the patterns the twisted branches make when they are bare. They might be difficult to see, but there are some persimmons still on the tree. In Korean they are called ‘ggachi-gam’, which means ‘magpie persimmon’. Traditionally they were left on the tree for birds to eat in winter.

I expected better results from Ilford PanF 50 film. I don’t know if the fault lies with me (did I wait too long to develop?) or the lab. Unless you request specific chemicals for your black and white film (and pay a bit more), the lab will use Tmax developer for everything.

Still, I’m please with some of the photos I got back. A few of them are cropped. Mostly because I only had a 50mm lens and couldn’t get as close as I wanted to the subject. In the first photo for example, I trimmed off the edge of another building. In the case of the shed and vine support photo, I had to cut out my finger from the bottom of the frame . . . .

2 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Walk

  1. Those are pretty gritty, which I definitely like. Funny I got some PanF 50 (120 format) in my Christmas Stocking, so I’m looking forward to shooting with it.

    The pylon shot works for me – superb.


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