The weather has been unkind to slightly lazy photographers lately. It’s either freezing cold, windy, windy and cold, or the light is too bright. Finally, I decided today that I had to get out of the apartment and make a few photos, even if they were nothing. The weather wasn’t too bad, actually. Cold, but not bad. And no wind! It was overcast so I didn’t have to worry about harsh shadows.

I got on bus 220 and went all the way out to Anmok where I made a few photos.

Nothing original here. Move along.
You are in . . . .
The GS25 convenience store is where I go for a tin of milky coffee every time I visit Anmok. There’s nothing special about it, but it’s usually the least crowded and smokers go around the corner instead of smoking next to the door.

I don’t think there are any buses from Anmok to Gangmun a little up the shore, so I caught a taxi. It’s not that far, but farther than I wanted to walk today.

People who visit this website will recognise this building. It looks better when it’s sunny.
And here it is in full. It looks like some ancient monolith standing in the middle of a modern town.
I usually use a telephoto on this bridge, but today I went wide. I think I got the horizon straight!
Military watch post. I don’t think anyone is ever in it.

From Gangmun I walked to the Heo Estate. It’s closed on Mondays, but I thought I might find something to photograph anyway.

The view from the parking lot.
The tippy-toe view over the wall.
This place is famous for Heo Gyun, who was possibly the author of the late 16th century Hong Gildong Story. It’s something like Robin Hood. In recent years attention has been turned to Gyun’s sister Nanseolheon who wrote poetry. The Heo family was quite progressive, and her father and brother gave her an education, which was something that most women couldn’t get at the time.
Detail of the statue.
Although the residence is ‘close’ (sic) today, someone was kind enough to leave some food outside for the cat(s) that make the place their home from time to time. Maybe humanity isn’t total crap.

No masterpieces here, but I was glad to get out with a camera and make some pictures. And the last scene really made me feel good.

I hope you have a good day as well.

2 thoughts on “Desperate

  1. Thanks for sharing your day/morning trip – I always enjoy reading these posts (and the photos as well, of course).

    I like the close-up of the statue and the curve of the beach in the first shot. You did well to get the person in the frame in the first and second shots (hope you didn’t have to wait too long in the cold!).


    1. Thanks. Maybe I should do more walkabout photos. For the second photo, I wanted to get the person in the middle of the O, but I fumbled with the camera for some reason and had to wait for her to appear between the A and M.


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