Do Not Touch
Tree and Stone Wall
Flower pots
Street lamp and fire fighting equipment

It’s obvious that I ran out of black and white film part-way through my visit. That’s okay, because Kodak’s Proimage 100 gave me some very fine results. It’s half the price of films like Portra, but it has fine grain, the lab scans it well, and it has just the amount of colour saturation that I like.

4 thoughts on “Ojukheon

    1. Thanks very much. I’m pleased with the kitchen photo because I’ve done versions of the same photo before that didn’t quite work out. It was very dark in the room and I had to look up a film reciprocity table and time the exposure with my phone.
      Do you think I added too much contrast in the flower pot photograph? I’m really crap at adjusting photos on computer. Maybe I should just let the lab worry about it when I drop of film for prints . . . .


    1. Thanks. I went back and had another try with less contrast. Seems better, but I might have my mind changed again this time tomorrow . . . . Just getting prints and not worrying about it might be the best thing I can do. I hate moving sliders around in Lightroom . . . .


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