Amice. Photo not related to story. But cats are always good.

I visited a local photo lab the other day to print my 2020 portfolio. I hadn’t been there for a long time and I wondered if he was still doing film. He had often grumbled that hardly anyone brought film in and maybe he should just get rid of his Fuji film developing machine.

So imagine my surprise when I walked in for the first time in a couple of years and found he had hundreds of rolls of Kodak ProImage 100 and Fujicolor C200 for sale. “Who’s buying this?” I asked. It turns out that the youth of Gangneung (including students at the two universities and the college) have discovered film and old cameras. He also has a boatload of Kodak disposable cameras for those who want to have a go at film but don’t yet want to invest in a film camera.

I like ProImage 100 film, so I’ll start buying and developing it there. He has the last film service in this province, so I should support him, what?

The last film photo lab in Gangwon Province

6 thoughts on “Surprise

    1. I can get everything I need online, but it’s better to give my money to a local guy rather than a guy in Seoul. Assuming he’s on the ball. I think I stopped going there before because he was so slow and forgetful doing anything with film.


  1. That’s interesting – and good to hear. Well done that man. I’ve been trying to get my local lab (SnappySnaps) to put a few B&W films on the counter, just to raise interest.

    My daughter asked me for some colour film recently. I was shocked by the price of it! Turns out there’s a shortage of it (here, at least). I’m going to ask her to wait until stocks improve and hopefully prices fall.


      1. Well it’s about £20 for 3 Kodak Colorplus inc postage but everywhere is sold out. It’s a very long time since I bought colour film other than the £1 Agfa stuff in Poundland. A shame they no longer sell it. So a jump from £1 to £7. Hmm.


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