Solhyang Chodang Soft Tofu Restaurant, Gangneung.
Fried Japanese anchovies in chilli paste, bean sprouts in chilli dressing, fruit and veg salad, tofu with fried gimchi and pork, white rice, soft tofu, and soy sauce for the tofu.

4 thoughts on “Soft Tofu Lunch

    1. Come on over for dinner. The lady working there told me to ask for refills if any of the side dishes run out. Free refills of the side dishes are usual in Korean restaurants. Very nice.
      I thought tofu was pretty awful before I came to Korea. What you get here is very different than the rubbery stuff I bought in Canada.


  1. I suspect the tofu we get here in Ireland is much the same as Canada – not very likeable. I had gimchi only once, when I was about 20, in a friend’s parents’ Korean restaurant in London. It was an instant hit with me.

    When I saw your lunch I smiled…it’s about as far as you can get from our staple ‘baked beans on toast’ lunch, which I resort to if I’m on my own or if I can’t think of anything else to have.


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