I’ve photographed this scene before in black and white, but I thought I would try a colour version. I like the soft light.
I have a film version of this picture, but I’m not sure if I shared it here or not. I prefer this version because the light is softer and there is more detail in the shadows.
I was happy to find this scene that I never noticed before. I’m trying to decide if I should leave it as is or chop off the lower third to make it a panorama.

It’s sometimes tiring to visit the same places all the time, but I do get the chance to redo photos I might not have been happy with in the past. Sometimes the lighting is better, sometimes I frame better, and sometimes it’s just a tiny detail like a gate handle. And now and then I find a perspective or a composition I never noticed before. It’s a happy day when that happens.

4 thoughts on “Heo Estate

  1. I agree the colour works well – particularly with the rendering on the wall and the colour of the ground. I’d be toning the heck of my B&W shots to try to get something similar lol.

    We’ve written before about the challenges of seeing a familiar place with ‘new eyes’. Really not easy at all – you have to work for it but when it happens, as you say, it’s very satisfying.


      1. You’re welcome šŸ™‚

        I think it’s about 5 years since I put a roll of Velvia slide film through a camera. I had one left in the fridge, out of date now (just) so I actually loaded it into the FM3a about a week ago. But the weather has been awful since, so I’ve hardly taken any. Once that’s finished I doubt I’ll buy any more but I do like looking through old transparencies (a lot) so you never know – perhaps I’ll get the urge again.


      2. I just got some Kodak ProImage 100 scans back from the lab. Very fine grain and beautiful colours. And cheap! I think it might be the film I use from now on. Along with XP2 for black and white.


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