Baseball fields on the right, several apartment complexes on the left.

2 thoughts on “Namdae River

  1. Baseball? Seriously?

    Now that’s a shot that would work in B&W, especially with an interesting sky like here.

    It looks like there would be ample room here for less ‘high-rise’ and more ‘low-rise’ buildings but perhaps that’s not the case. Are there building constraints which demand high-rise or is it a case of keeping as much spare land as possible, do you know?


    1. Baseball is popular here, and the baseball fields are always being used by local and out of town teams. Along that stretch of river there are also places to play and practise football, inline skating, and gateball.
      Yes, I think a black and white version would also be good. Maybe better, because there isn’t much colour, is there?
      There are quite a few neighbourhoods of houses on tiny plots of land surrounded by concrete or breeze block fences, but they are mostly filled with old people. Most people these days want to live in modern apartment blocks because of the convenience and security. Even in villages you can find a giant apartment building rising out of the fields.


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