Cars are expensive and it’s difficult to get around the crowded areas of the city. And parking is a nightmare everywhere. So many people who need to be mobile for their work use scooters. The most common models by Daerim have automatic transmissions, are cheap to run, only weigh 100 kilogrammes, and you don’t need a special motorcycle license to drive them. Parking bad? Park on the sidewalk! Roads congested? Drive on the sidewalk! The postmen do! If you’ve got a bit of extra money and you like colours other than red, you could buy a Honda Super Cub, which comes in a number of different colours. And looks cool.

Most restaurant delivery is done with these scooters. Lotteria is a Korean/Japanese version of McDonalds and they have home delivery service. So does McDonalds, if you order quite a lot of food.
This scooter was parked under the outdoor stairwell of Shinyeong Cinema.
Honda Super Cub with a delivery box on the back. Parked in a bus lane pointing the wrong way.

Every now and then the police put up banners around the city saying that they are going to crack down on scooter traffic violations. But the banners must take up their whole scooter-busting budget because you never see anyone pulled over and the scooters drive where they like as normal. Maybe the police need scooters to chase these guys down . . . .

3 thoughts on “Scooters

    1. I was thinking about it the other day. If I had used a digital camera, I probably would have turned the ISO up on bust and gotten a much deeper depth of field. But because I was using an ISO 100 film I had no choice but to get the very narrow depth of field, which is what the photo really needs.


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