I finally figured out to make a decent portfolio page on WordPress. I’ve collected my favourite/best photos from 2020 and put them in one place. You can click the link on the upper right of this page or just click https://marcuspeddle.net/2020-portfolio/. Clicking on a photo will open up a (manual) slideshow. I hope you enjoy them.

The portfolio in real life.

6 thoughts on “2020 Portfolio

  1. To make a portfolio is something I’m thinking to do since I started my WordPress blog, and that was at 11/2018. We’ll see if some day I get it 🙂
    You got it, and they are very nice photos, Marcus.


  2. Great stuff, Marcus – very nice to see them all together and spot similarities (and differences). There was one or two I hadn’t seen before (or had forgotten).

    Only thing I didn’t like was the way the background changed in the slide show – it appears to take the predominant colour from the image and then blurs it but I found it very off-putting. I’d have preferred just a uniform, non-intrusive background for them all so my eye could concentrate on the image.


    1. I was also put off by the background. It is distracting. There’s no option to turn it off in the slideshow (that I could see), but I’ll change it to something else. If both of us aren’t fond of it then probably many more don’t like it. Thanks for the compliments and the opinion on the slideshow.


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