Gangmun is within Gangneung city limits and not far from two major tourist areas, but it’s not so easy to get there if you don’t have a car. There are few local buses, it’s a bit far to walk from frequent bus routes, and getting a taxi there is expensive. But it’s a good place to go now and then for some photography. It’s less crowded than many other tourist spots (at least in the morning) and there are a few interesting things to photograph.

This couple passed me as I was making photos of a bridge and then later nicely completed this composition.

Gyeongpo Lake and Gangmun Beach are only separated by a narrow stretch of land. You would have a nice view of both places if you were in one of these buildings. The building on the right looks like it’s under construction. There seems to be a caravan park next to the river, but I haven’t been over to see.

This is the Seamark Hotel, also known as the Hyundai Hotel. One of Hyundai’s divisions owns it. Hyundai Construction, maybe? It was built not too long ago and replaced the earlier Hyundai Hotel which was built in the sixties.

I posted a similar colour version of this photo last(?) year. It’s a hotel. The room rates are probably reasonable in the off season but skyrocket in the summer and on New Year’s, when everyone and their dog shows up to watch the sun rise out of the sea.

I can’t remember what building this is. I think it’s a coffee shop or something. I like the bundle of wires rising up into the sky like lightning. They don’t go into the sky, obviously. I was standing close to the wall and looking up. I’d like to get this one printed.

And there you are – more photos of Gangmun. And I’ll probably post more in the future when I save up enough money to get a taxi. Every time I go to Gangmun I make the usual photos of things like the rails and the thin hotel. Sometimes it’s the same photos I’ve made a dozen times and sometimes I get to see the usual subjects in a new way. So it’s rarely a wasted trip.

4 thoughts on “Gangmun

  1. That’s a good set of shots…your HP5+ trip was worthwhile. Not sure I want to pick a favourite – they all have something to say.

    I checked out the Seamarq Hotel online – that is one classy joint! (With eye-watering prices…)


    1. Thanks very much. Ah, the hotel is spelt with a q at the end. I never looked up the prices before. Holy cow. I guess I’ll just have to enjoy making photos of it from a distance. The old hotel used to have an excellent buffet that was reasonably priced if you went for lunch on a weekday. I can’t find it on the new hotel’s site. Maybe they don’t deal with the rabble anymore.
      The HP5 look good, but the negatives seemed a bit light. The lab? My camera? User error?


      1. I can’t speak for the negatives but your images here look absolutely spot on to me, Marcus. I see so many under-exposed shots online (mostly held up as perfect examples of the art of photography lol).


      2. The lab usually does good work. They tend to stop just short of blowing out highlights when they scan, so I usually have to lower the exposure slightly and then add contrast, etc.
        I know what you mean about poor film photos online. One of the charms(?) of film is that it isn’t as clean as digital, but some people go to the extreme of thinking that film is supposed to be soft, underexposed, and maybe not in focus. Oh well, at least they are keeping the film companies in business. 🙂


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