On the left is a traditional building that might be a part of the Obong Confucian school (seowon is a kind of Confucian academy from long ago) even though it is outside the walls. On the right is a farmer’s house. Or was a farmer’s house. When I first started visiting the seowon there were greenhouses, a garden, and a shed with a cow inside. Last year (two years ago?) the cow disappeared and a while later the shed disappeared. And on my last trip there last month everything was gone. Including the farmer and his missus. I hope they’ve just retired and nothing bad has happened.
Most street lamps these days are the ‘hanging head’ type, but this one is just a globe on top of a pole.

In 2005 a very old Buddhist temple burned to the ground up around Yangyang and there was then a mad rush to get firefighting equipment installed at any and all historical sites.

The courtyard inside the walls of the seowon.

6 thoughts on “Obong Seowon

      1. An interesting thought, Marcus. Do you ‘see’ in B&W? There are viewing filters to enable that (Ansel Adams famously used a Wratten) and I’ve seen one advertised recently by StearmanPress. I’ve resisted so far on the grounds that it’s one more thing to carry/fuss over but the Stearman is only 9 bucks so it might be worth a punt.

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      2. I guess I can sort of see in black and white, because when I have B&W film loaded I start looking for tones rather than colours. I never really considered textures, but that’s something I should start looking at.
        With the mirrorless cameras, of course, I can really see in black and white.
        I didn’t know there were viewing filters. That’s pretty amazing.

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