3 thoughts on “Men’s Quarters, Heo Estate

  1. That’s strange that they don’t put some period furniture in, even if it’s not the original. Ripe for some virtual/augmented reality (which used to be my thang when I had a proper job).


    1. That’s quite a contrast; virtual reality man on the weekdays and film photographer in your spare time. Do you use film partly to just get away from your work?
      Yes, it’s strange there is very little furniture. Maybe they are afraid of tourists getting on it? I visited one of the big palaces in Seoul a couple of year ago and was bored to death. The courtyards had nothing in them and the buildings were completely empty. The only thing of note was the number of wedding photographers doing sessions there.


      1. One of the reasons I do film and darkroom work now is that I have spent too much of my life sitting staring at a screen, for one reason or another. The last thing I want to do in my retirement is any more computer work than is absolutely necessary. I enjoy the physical workflow of darkroom work.

        In the Big Stately Homes in the UK most of the furniture is ‘roped off’ so that kids (and adults) can’t climb on it or get their greasy paws all over it. It’s not ideal but completely understandable.


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