I wonder how many of my posts have been called ‘Apartments’. They are such a large part of any scene in Korea that it’s difficult not to have a large collection of photos with apartments in them.
Korea’s birth rate keeps dropping and last year there were more deaths than births. But new apartment complexes keep popping up everywhere. Perhaps houses are falling down in other places.
You can see a mostly empty field in the foreground. In a couple of years there will probably be another greyish-white apartment complex and pine trees will be purchased from another part of the country to replace the persimmon trees that are there now.

4 thoughts on “Apartments

  1. It’s all quite dystopian isn’t it – you’d be able to import more people if it were easier to get in!


  2. Those look really weird – almost as if they are made from paper and just stood up.

    The windows look tiny! And no balconies? I would miss just being able to step outside for some air.

    And pine trees. The quick fix. We have loads of fake forests of pine trees here – not indigenous species at all.


    1. I think the paper look might come from the soft, hazy light. Bu they do look like paper models now that you mention it.
      I think all the windows are tiny because it’s the back of the buildings. There are balconies on the front of the buildings but everyone gets them enclosed with big sliding windows and uses them for storage. One of those things to file under Culture Shock.


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