After many weeks of choosing photos, organising them, doing layout, sending the file to Blurb, buying and checking proof copies, my first collection of photos is now available on Blurb. It’s a real sense of accomplishment to hold the thin magazine in my hands and think, “I did this.”

Although I’m very happy with the finished product, I’m not that happy with the price of shipping. Shipping to Korea was over twenty dollars and shipping a copy to my parents in Canada cost about ten. Yikes. Plus ten dollars for the magazine itself. Also, Blurb must have a lot of orders, because it’s taking a long time for them to print the copy I ordered for my parents. I’m interested in making more photo collections, but I’m not sure I’ll use Blurb. Maybe Amazon? But that’s a problem for later.

You can see the magazine at Blurb if you go to If you don’t feel like buying the magazine, you can see the photos over at Flickr.

If anyone has advice about self-publishing, I’d be glad to hear it.

10 thoughts on “(Self) Published

  1. Wow-these look great! Congrats on getting them out together looking so well. You are right to be proud. You should submit them to AP or another mag, as I’m sure they aren’t inundated with shots from Korea. In any case, your rather different views would be unique, I’m sure.


    1. AP=Amateur Photographer, magazine in UK which has been going for longer than I have. I’m sure a lot of mags would love this set, Marcus.

      The only mag I get now is (obviously!) Black&White but back in the 70s it was SLR Camera first & AP second.


  2. Congratulations! I ordered a copy yesterday.

    I’m working on my next photo book and am strongly considering selling it only on Amazon, and avoiding Blurb this time. Blurb is just expensive.


    1. Thanks, Jim. It’s much appreciated. I hope you like it. I was inspired to make the book by you, actually. I really enjoyed having your book on Ireland in my hands and I thought I would like to do the same thing someday. Perhaps I’ll also follow you into Amazon Land . . . .


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