Our Lord and Master Amice usually looks like this:

Or this:

But once or twice a day he needs to discharge all the energy he’s built up from time in the sun and occasional strolls to his food bowl. Then he looks like this:

And this:

Drive ya mad . . . .

But good photo practice . . . .

8 thoughts on “Crazy Time

    1. I hear you. On this occasion he found it easy enough to jump up on the washing machine, but was nervous about jumping back down. So I scooped him up and set him down in the kitchen. He smacked my ankle and ran off.


  1. That looks like a cat all right. Motionless or all action. And don’t they know every inch of their home! Well, they still got to check it every day, just to be sure nothings changed…


    1. A website cat age calculator tells me that nine cat years is fifty-three human years. I don’t know how his energy level compares to other cats his age, but he still has a lot of energy.


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