Next month my domain name and my WordPress hosting plan will both expire. I’m not interested in spending money on a renewal, so this website will revert to I could keep using it that way (though I don’t know what happens to links or email notifications), but I’m going to start posting at Why Blogger? Blogger belongs to Google and Google has a lot of online services that I want to use. It’s probably better if everything is in the same place.

The new address is There is one post up already. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

2 thoughts on “Moving

  1. I shall wander along and check out your new home. I like the Google stuff – their docs and sheets and photos are very easy to share. Blogger has worked well for me as a place to record my photographic journey. OK so I don’t ‘own’ it and it could be shut down at any time but it’s free and for my purposes it’s fine. And as Bryan Ferry sang, ‘Nothing lasts for ever, of that I’m sure…’


    1. Google Docs is one of the reasons I’m switching as much as I can to Google. I was writing up a little travel journal for some friends and pen pals a couple of weeks ago and inserting photos into Apple Pages and Microsoft Word was a pain in the rear. But worked effortlessly in Docs.


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