Drying chillies

Drying chillies on riverside parking lot.
Drying chillies on riverside parking lot.

All public land in the autumn falls into the hands of farmers and citizens who use it to dry the produce they have grown or purchased.

If you click on the photo, you will be taken to Flickr where you can see a full-sized version.

Gyeongpo Wetland Park

One lovely overcast day I took a taxi to the Gyeongpo Prickly Water Lily Wetland Park. That’s quite a mouthful. I usually just call it the Wetland Park. It’s a scenic area to the north of (and connected to) Gyeongpo Lake. I like it more than Gyeongpo Lake because there are no tourist-friendly amenities like coffee shops and rental bikes. That means fewer tourists bother visiting. Which is fine by me.

The camera of the day was the Nikon D810 with the usual 28, 50, and 85mmm lenses. I also brought a 180mm lens but couldn’t do anything with it.

This screen is put up to protect the many birds and animals who live in the wetland from passersby.
A view of the Skybay Hotel from across the wetland.
It’s possible this ferry was blown here by a typhoon. It’s usually tied up across the water.
It was once fun to get in this ferry and pull oneself across the water. Although it’s not in this photograph, the city recently built a wooden pedestrian bridge, making the ferry unnecessary and the location less attractive. The water is full of plants and the ferry partly sunk because of recent typhoons.

I had a good time in Gyeongpo and the light was still good, so I took a taxi to one end of Geumsan Village and walked up through.

Irrigation Gate and Rice Paddies. I did a version of this photo before (on film?), but I think this one came out better. Nikon’s Vivid Picture Control looks good on overcast days.
Part of Geumsan Village.
Crossroad. I was sat in a pavilion drinking tea and having a bit of bread and sausage when I thought to photograph the mountains and the road.
Another photo I’ve done before on film. I can’t remember the film I used (Ektachrome, I think), but Nikon’s Vivid looks about the same. As before, I think my framing is slightly better in this version of the photo. The tiny piece of wood sticking into the right side of the frame turns an uninteresting photograph into a slightly less uninteresting photograph. Cover it on the screen with your pinky and you can see what I mean.

It was a successful day out. I made some photos that I’m please with, I got some fresh air, and I had a bit of picnic in the countryside. Paid a bit of a fortune in taxi fares, but it was worth it.

Hip Hoesan

The summer weather was miserable. When it wasn’t hot enough to split rocks it was pissing down rain. I hadn’t been able to get out with the camera for a long time and my shutter finger was itching.
One day at the end of August the rain was not falling too heavily so I decided to go for a walk around the countryside just to get out of the apartment for a while. I naturally wanted to bring a camera, but I was tired of making photos of the same things over and over with the same results. With no car, changing my geographic location wasn’t much of an option, so I decided to change how I made the photos. I left my SLRs at home and brought my phone with me. I turned on the Hipstamatic application and went for my walk.

Concrete Irrigation Covers and Rice Fields
Italian Restaurant Closed for the Day
Shed Window and Dead Grass
Shovel Stuck in Ground Next to Rice Field
Fertiliser Bag in Rice Field
Weed-fillled Yard of an Abandoned House
House Brick Wall and Blue Concrete Fake Tiles
Shed with Door Hanging Off
Chillies in Garden Behind Shed
Wooden Pallets and Weeds

I wouldn’t use Hipstamatic for all my photography, but I do enjoy making photos with it sometimes. The wide angle, the odd colours, and the unpredictable nature of the results make for fun photo sessions. And it helped to get me out of my photographic slump by helping me see overly familiar surroundings in a new way.


Nikon F6, Kodak Vision 50D Film

I’ve seen good results online from this Kodak cinema film, but my scans came back very greenish and it was a hassle to make them look any good. This was the only decent frame from the roll. Oof.