Photograph It While You Can

Gangil Transport, Gangneung

This taxi company office building is not beautiful or interesting, but I made the photo because it is probably only a matter of time before developers realise they can build apartments or coffee shops on this piece of land and this place will get flattened. I’m not against the tearing down of ugly buildings, but with a slowly shrinking population does Gangneung need more apartment complexes built for the sake of real estate investment?

National Assembly Patrol Car

National Assembly Patrol Car No. 1, Gangneung

This electric(?) car is parked behind a movable building in the same lot as the toilets. The National Assembly is in Seoul, not Gangneung, so why it would be growing roots out behind this yard is a bit of a mystery.

As for the building itself, I just noticed a sign in the background that says “Rest Area – Diaper Changing Station”. Insert joke about the maturity levels of national assembly members here.

More LPG Tanks

LPG Tanks, Hoesan.

Liquid Petroleum Gas is used for cooking when your house or apartment is not connected to the city gas network. These tanks contain a mix of propane and butane and the ratio might differ depending on the season. Newer houses have metal pipes that run from the outside of the house to the inside, but this place just has a hose shoved through a hole in the wall and it probably runs directly into the gas range. Or a gas boiler? The pipe in the upper left of the photo comes from a furnace. Most likely an oil furnace.
I rather like the attempt to protect the tank valves from the rain with a bit of wood and some bricks.

LPG Tank Behind House, Hoesan.

Just in case you’re craving more propane, here is another tank. The hose on this one takes quite a rollercoaster ride before disappearing into a hole in the wall.

I’m thinking about making a collection of LPG tank photos, but the results so far are a bit boring. But it’s early days. I might find some interesting perspectives after I practise a bit. One problem is that these tanks are all on private property and I usually can’t get very close. I’ll have to go telephoto . . . .

Alley Building

Downtown Buildings, Gangneung

This was made just after coming out of the pork cutlet restaurant I mentioned in my last post. Again, I only had the slightly wide pancake lens on the camera so I couldn’t get the composition I saw using my mind’s eye. Using the 8×10 crop overlay in Lightroom solved the problem. Along with the levelling tool – my head must be screwed on slightly unevenly.

I’m not sure what’s in these buildings. The ground floors are shops and restaurants. The upper floors might have apartments or offices that don’t need window displays.

I got the print version of this photo in the mail today. Everything looks better on matte paper.

Hanging Light

Hanging Light in Restaurant, Gangneung.

I was at Central Pork Cutlet with a friend and while she was ordering at the counter I had a look around the restaurant. A lot of old buildings, shops, and houses in the downtown area are being renovated and turned into rather cosy coffee shops and other businesses. This place painted over the bare concrete walls and left the pipes showing in the ceiling. I liked the hanging light and wanted to make this photo of it, but all I had on the camera was a wide-ish lens so I had to crop heavily in Lightroom. That’s fine for sharing on a website, but I’ll remember to bring a different lens the next time I visit the restaurant.