View from a Plastic Chair

Parking Lot, Gangmun Beach

I like the placement of the cars in the parking lot and how the ‘mast’ connects the lower and upper parts of the photograph. Everything is neatly organised, and organising the world is one of my photographic goals. I can’t do anything about the chaos of the city, but I feel better by trying to make it look good in the viewfinder.

You may be wondering what “Lifestyle Platform GS25” is about. At least two convenience store chains have the word ‘lifestyle’ in their marketing. There is a faint promise that these shops will have everything you need for a convenient and happy life. Maybe they’re not wrong; Pepsi and crisps always make me feel better.

Emart 24

Emart convenience store, Wolhwa Park

Emart 24 is not open twenty-four hours a day. Emart 24 is the convenience store version of the hypermart Emart, which is owned by Shinsegye Department Stores. Shinsegye is owned by the daughter of Samsung’s founder. She is the younger sister of the president of Samsung Electronics. All in the family, what?