Cranes and Tractor

It turns out there is no more need for me to use photographs of my childhood as filler. I have enough decent pictures from September to last a month of posting.

The cranes are on the other side of the Namedae River where an apartment complex is going up. This patch of land in the foreground is usually used by fishers who use the place to sort out their nets. I don’t know who might own the tractor. There is no farm land nearby.
I thought that this photo makes a little story that is not exactly true. A tractor sits rusting because land is being used for putting up high-rises. The mucky bit of real estate in the foreground is not being plowed by the tractor because it’s been bought by a developer for building. As I say, it’s not true, but it’s a story that could be constructed using the elements in the photo. This mucky piece of dirt is actually city land and an unutilised part of the riverside park. There might be tennis courts or something here in a year or so.