Fire Hydrant Amongst the Waters

Central Market, Gangneung

Each shop and stall in Gangneung’s Central Market has a painted yellow line on the floor that vendors are supposed to keep their goods inside of. I guess no one from City Hall checks this, because many shops, especially at the ends of streets, use up as much space as they can.
The plastic tubs of this shop selling shoots and sprouts have engulfed a fire hydrant. The market’s safety code seems to be “Ah, It’ll be all right”.

Market Photographs

There are often interesting things to photograph in the traditional market downtown. Unfortunately, many of the market stalls don’t always follow city regulations and the owners can be very sensitive about people photographing their place of business. I’ve been told a number of times not to make photographs. If I wanted to do a collection of market photographs I would probably have to show up often over a number of weeks and just walk around until the stall owners became used to me. Then maybe they wouldn’t mind the camera so much.
Anyway, I do make the odd photograph now and then if I’m not being stared at. Here are a few I came home with a couple of weeks ago.

If there’s a fire, maybe they can use the water from the tubs to put it out.
Plastic colanders in front of a closed shop. Not much use for putting out fires.
Box for measuring Chinese dates.

Well, a pretty poor haul. Partly because I need more practice photographing markets and partly because I rush when I’m nervous about people watching me.  But it’s now full on tourist season so maybe the vendors are a bit more tolerant of cameras these days. I’ll have to give it another go and try to take my time.