Geumsan Village Rice Straw Bales

The only two surviving photographs from a bicycle ride through Geumsan Village. It would probably be better to walk through the hamlet so I can find interesting subjects more easily.

This photo looks very low resolution on WordPress but fine in Lightroom. Maybe I made a mistake when converting it.

The same bales of rice straw from a different angle and a bus flying down the highway.

Some time ago I wrote about choosing the Nikon D810 as my main camera but mentioned that I was very wishy-washy about the cameras I use. Well, that proved to be true because I’m back to using the X-T3. The photos above are from the X-T3. That said, my next post will have a photo from the D810. Probably I should just stop talking about cameras . . . .

The Man in the Moon is . . . a Rabbit.

Bas-relief of rabbits pounding rice for rice cakes, Hoesan Mill

Across the road from my apartment complex is a mill that makes rice cakes. Above the door is this carving of two rabbits pounding rice into rice flour to make the traditional snack. Why rabbits? Westerners see a man in the moon, but East Asians see a rabbit using a pestle and mortar. In China the rabbit is making an elexir of life, but in Korea and Japan the rabbit is making flour for rice cakes.